Since her retirement from competitive running in 2004, Catherina has devoted herself to teaching a new generation of runners. As a ChiRunning instructor with such an impressive international competitive record, Catherina is a sought-after fitness trainer and an expert on the mechanics of safe, injury-free running.

Catherina conducts 1 Day Chi Running Workshops, and Weekly Chi Running Classes suitable for runners of all levels – even beginners. Check our events page for upcoming availability.

THE WORKSHOP includes video analysis, individual diagnostic and recommendations, training drills, a Q&A section and easy and relaxed runs at a pace to suit the individual.

VIDEO ANALYSIS: At the start of the workshop, Catherina conducts individual video analysis of your running style, allowing her to advise on the key areas that need focus to improve your running form.

DRILLS: A core element of the day focuses on a series of drills and exercises focusing on posture, leaning, heel lift and arm swing. Practice these exercises in everyday life movement, so that they become familiar will easily transfer into your running.

PRACTICE RUNS: During an easy run Catherina mentors the class through each core drill, giving the opportunity to get the feel of running more efficiently and with good mechanics.

ASK AN EXPERT: There are no stupid questions! Catherina is an excellent coach, and she encourages open communication in her workshops. She invites your questions on running, which will benefit the whole class. She covers her FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – about training, diet, footwear, breathing technique etc. and answers any other questions the participants may have.

RECAP: Finish the day with another short run, where Catherina provides one-to-one coaching with each runner to focus on the areas in which they need most practice.

TAKE HOME CATHERINA’S TOP TIPS: All attendees will take home a follow-up Chi Running reminder package with all top tips included from the workshops


Chi Runners are taught to combine the Tai Chi principles of focus and flow with the power and energy of running. Runners learn to engage the core, align the posture, relax the limbs, and take plentiful, light steps, landing midfoot. By directing your attention to the process of running (form and technique), you’ll reduce stress on the body, which will lead to hugely improved running technique with fewer injuries, improved speed, and more pleasurable, relaxing runs.

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