Fit for Business

Fit for Business

Catherina has devoted herself to inspiring and teaching a new generation of runners about the mechanics of safe, injury-free running, Catherina’s workshops or speaking engagements are well-attended, highly regarded, and popular amongst runners of all levels of experience and fitness.

Now, Catherina offers a workplace training program for businesses interested in supporting their employees health and wellness goals.

More than half or Irish businesses surveyed in a recent VHI report, are worried about their employees stress levels and work-life balance. Stress is known to result in high rates of absenteeism, and poor employee retention. It is also proven that employee well-being programs improve employee engagement; increase performance and productivity; and decrease absenteeism. From a recruitment perspective, a robust wellness program leads to a more attractive workplace and an increase in the retention of senior and experienced employees – this is critically important in today’s job-seekers market.

Catherina’s Fit for Business program provides the opportunity for your employees to incorporate at least thirty-five minutes of exercise into their daily routine during the workday. It can be scheduled before work, during lunch hour or immediately after work. It is an excellent way to Incorporate exercise into one’s daily routine – reducing sedentary “desk-time” and markedly improving your team’s fitness, health.

The Fit for Business program requires very little organization on your part.

  • Groups of up to 15 can be accommodated.
  • Larger groups can be divided into sub-groups and trained one after the other.
  • Training can be adjusted for each individual’s level of fitness.
  • Catherina provides all materials to the participants.
  • An average car park or industrial estate provides the level running surface that is needed.

Catherina would welcome the enquiries from Employee Benefits or HR Managers to discuss her program in more detail and how well it has been received by other Employers and their teams.