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Run with Catherina – 6 Week Course (Malahide Park)

2nd September 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Join Irish Olympian, European Cross Country Champion, and London, Amsterdam and Berlin Marathon winner, Catherina McKiernan for a 6-week course in Chi Running techniques.

Suitable for runners of all levels – even beginners.

(See below for more about Catherina McKiernan’s competitive record, and the Chi Running technique she is passionate about)

“With a little bit of focus and lots of relaxation, you will become a much more efficient runner, with a lot less impact on your body.” – Catherina McKiernan

Course runs weekly for 6 weeks, for one hour from 7pm to 8pm.

During our 6 week running course, you will improve your fitness and running technique by becoming mindful of your body position and having correct posture.

Posture is the most important part of good running form. When you run with incorrect posture it causes fatigue, discomfort and eventually pain. The drills and techniques I teach can be practised in everyday life movement so that they become familiar and then easy to transfer into your running

The classes are all about learning to run efficiently to reduce impact on the body and to prevent or clear up running-related injuries. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to run with an easy efficient relaxed style and with less impact on their body.
– For example, one common mistake people make when running is heel striking – which puts a lot of pressure and impact on the lower legs, knees and hips. I teach how to land safely, mid-foot where there is a lot less impact on your body.
– Another drill entails how to lean the body forward from the ankles when running, so that we are working with gravity in our favour, as opposed to using our legs to push us forward while we run. This takes an immense amount of pressure off the legs. The next drill is to learn to keep our lower legs nice and relaxed to prevent all lower leg injuries like shin splints, calf strains etc.
– I teach correct arm movement
– I teach how best to run up and down hills. Over the 6 weeks of classes, we also incorporate interval training and hill sessions.

Relaxation is a big part of good running form and I continuously get people to check in on their bodies and sense and feel where they are holding tension and practice to let it go. This allows muscles to relax and it is virtually impossible to injure a relaxed muscle. People get to run in a small area at their own pace, so no one feels under pressure – even total beginners.

I also talk about training routines, diet, breathing techniques, stretching, and developing a disciplined mindset.



2nd September 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Malahide Park
Dublin Ireland


Catherina McKiernan

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